About Us

At   my little DEN   our philosophy is that if our children are happy then everyone’s happy! We keep this in mind when designing our playhouses and we get them road tested by our most important people and their little friends! We not only design and manufacture bespoke childrens’ playhouses we also create a little adventure for your children. Designed to be used all year round, our products not only give your children their own space but they also enhance the look of your garden. Our handcrafted playhouses give your child independence but in the secure environment of your home.

Our Playhouses are designed to stimulate your child’s imagination, it is their little space and the possibilities are endless. Let them be a fireman, a wild west pioneer or have their friends round for a tea party, its up to them. Children need to use their imaginations and our playhouses give them the freedom and the space they need to develop their social skills and build their confidence.

Because they can be used all year round our products are the ideal solution to entertaining your children even on those rainy summer days.

All of our products are designed to comply with the European toy safety standard EN71, this will make your child’s play time a safe time.