Our Products

At   my little DEN   we manufacture bespoke playhouses, all our products are custom made to order, however, the following are an example of our more popular playhouses.

Installation of Your Playhouse

We require a level surface for your playhouse ideally on sleepers or a slabbed area. A clearance area of roughly 1.5m should be allowed round your playhouse. A safe and suitable position should be used to allow clearance for doors etc. We prefer to install your playhouse to ensure safe play, we dont want any little accidents happening.


Our products are treated with an external wood protection, which erodes naturally by weathering; however, we recommend that you inspect your playhouse on an annual basis. Your playhouse should be cleaned on a regular basis and washed down with mild bleach solution and then rinsed with fresh water in the early spring, to get rid of any unwanted visitors.


As with all outdoor play equipment, adult supervision is recommended. Loft areas are fitted with safety rails but are not recommended for children under 3 years of age.


We reserve the right to develop and improve our playhouses.


All materials and workmanship are guaranteed for one year following delivery except in the case of misuse of the playhouse.